New Program threatens current Real Estate Industry Old Model
A new program has been launched, by Real Estate Advisors Inc. that threatens to change the real estate industry and the old commission based system.
This program is eliminating the commission driven portion of the professional who is selling your house, allowing you to have a more honest approach when you request a Free Home Evaluation or any Real Estate Advice. Nowadays this is linked to the Real Estate Agent self-interests of convincing you to sell your house whether it is in the best interest for your family or not.
On the other hand it is saving thousands of dollars to the members of the program at the time that they choose to sell their property without compromising a full Real Estate service that will bring more profits to the table to the sellers.
This program will benefit mostly to homeowners who are planning to sell their home in the next 3 to 8 years or even Buyers who are planning to purchase a property and they will receive other benefits according with the Membership level chosen.
 It is important to add that this Membership Fee is very affordable and it will save thousands of dollars to the homeowners. Memberships starting as low as $3.91 a day and has saved members from $10,000-$30,000 on the sale of their home!
 Membership includes discount prices for restaurants, movies and many other venues, free monthly newsletters with useful updated information, and a free invitation for client appreciation events that we will organize for the members. These events will be great opportunities for networking, just to mention a few of the multiple benefits that members will enjoy. Members of the program will also have access to a Home Protection Kit for Members that includes, according to the Membership Level that they choose, door locks changed in your new house, free alarm system, home warranty for at least 6 months - which covers any unexpected repairs in appliances, duct work, electrical and much more - Even Home Insurance covered by the program and Legal fees on your real estate transaction.
I am sure you are going to ask how you save that much money and receive all these benefits.
To attract new customers, real estate agents spend thousands of dollars in advertising (banners, bill boards, TV commercials, radio spots, flyers, post cards, etc). Most of this advertising is driven by their ego. Remember, salespeople are not marketing experts and most training in the industry emphasizes sales rather than marketing. We are passionate that we can use all that wasted money to benefit our clients.  Thereby avoid wasting valuable dollars that simply helps the advertising media without any real benefit to the most important people – YOU –  the Client!
This is definitely something that your agent doesn’t want you to know.
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