Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Cristina and Fabio

Regarding our home search, choice and its subsequent purchasing process, from our experience we recognize that it was easier and unstressed with the professional support and collaboration of a reliable and skilled real estate broker as it was provided by Mr. Miguel Fernandez Morales. We really appreciate all of the received guidance and help from Mr. Fernandez, who played a significant role in our successful process to buy our property as a first time home buyers. In addition to all of the professional business deal provided by our broker, we also received excellent personal advices and suggestions from Mr. Fernandez, in order to minimize, reduce or resolve some concerns related to our property purchasing process. As a result of this successful process, we are currently living and enjoining our property where we feel comfortable and happy as new home owners. We can say our dreams became reality! Thanks Miguel

By: Agata and Eliezer

Sold in 5 Days Only! It has been a pleasure to work with Miguel in this journey of selling our apartment and buying a new house. He was referred to us for a friend who was very happy with his services. Miguel is punctual, committed, professional and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his clients. We sold our apartment in 5 days and bought a new house 24 hours after it came on the market for sale! When we were selling our apartment, he gave us few recommendations on how to stage it for sale…. We followed his recommendations to the dot. When we saw our dream house in the mls website, we called Miguel; he showed to us the house, put an offer right away and we got the house in hours. It was a wise decision choosing Miguel to represent us as our family realtor for life. Thank you Miguel for make it happen – Osmani and Giselle

By: Elizabeth

Miguel Fernandez is a very charismatic Real Estate agent. He was reliable and aware of different cultural attitudes. His cell phone was never turned off. He even answered our calls at 11 p.m.! Miguel was very patient with our decision making - something most agents are not. His hard work and determination to find us a condo within our time limit and financial limit was observed by both of us. His negotiation skills helped us to buy a condo in High Park at $22,000 below the asking price! This was unheard of especially during the summer-fall of 2012 when housing prices were overpriced. Thank you Miguel for serving us impeccably and for providing reliable, friendly and organized real estate service! I would recommend Miguel's services to anyone looking for a home in Toronto. - Elizabeth Erkaya and Le Luu, Etobicoke, (416) 436-9893

By: Anthony and Lilliam

My wife and I were looking for a potential property to purchase when we walked into an open house hosted by none other than Miguel. It was such a pleasure to speak to him as he was very professional, honest, practical and funny. These qualities alone made us decide to make him our representative and eventually purchase our dream home. We were so happy with his exceptional service that we are referring all our friends to him. Thank you Miguel, Keep up the good work and we wish you only the best. - Anthony and Lilian, Toronto, (647) 987-1188

By: Jacqueline and Abdel

In the time we worked together, Miguel patiently took us to see every home that caught our eye. He was polite, professional, attentive and always on time. Miguel made finding and purchasing a home an easy and comfortable process. He was patient, continuously reminding us that he wouldn’t be happy until he was. I never felt any pressure to commit and since he shared our vision, we both knew when we found the right place. His dedication to find me what we were looking for put me in my first home, which we couldn’t be happier with." We just wanted to say thanks for helping us. Your professionalism and courteous ways would more than make me recommend you to anyone I know is in the market for buying a home. And if we ever decide to sell, we will most definitely use you again as our agents. Keep up the good work!” Jacqueline and Abdel, Toronto

By: Jesus and Marlen

I met Miguel at the end of 2010. As a good Real Estate Agent he asked: - Do you have a house? As a good Newcomer I answered: - I have debts. He said that in January he would start looking for my house. As I had nothing to lose I said OK. Today is March 14, 2011 and my family is waiting for the closing day to start living in our little nice home. How he did it? Very easy; Miguel weighs 180 pounds, 175 of them are optimism and the remaining 5 are hat and coat. Miguel’s day to day is to turn dreams into homes. My wife thinks that now we have a new house and a new wonderful friend forever. About the friend, I agree, but the house,....the house for sure will be for only 5 years, after that Miguel will be looking for a new one.- Jesus Sibello & family- 647-718-6960

By: Eliecer

If there is a person who really enjoys his career as a Real Estate Agent, it is Miguel Fernandez!! We first met him through a mutual friend of ours who spoke highly of him. My wife and I told him what we were looking for in our search for the perfect house. With his patience, professionalism and being available to us at all times, we were able to find “THE HOUSE OF OUR DREAMS” Today we are happy in our new home and very thankful to our agent Miguel for all of his hard work! If you are looking for someone in the Real Estate Business to help you find your Dream Home contact Miguel Fernandez, I am positive you will be as happy with him as we were!! - Eliecer Puerta and family,- 647-302-8470.

By: Carlos and Ivis

When I called Miguel, We were at ours wits end. I had been trying unsuccessfully to sell my condo at Martha Eaton Way, Toronto, with no results. Miguel came over and gave us some honest feedback about how the condo appeared to buyers. We had a lot of competition because there was like 10 more apartments for sale in my building, some of them even bigger than ours. We packed up most of the “stuff” – and Miguel sold our condo for a higher price than the listing value of our neighbors. Amazing! – Carlos and Ivis – 647-969-2162

By: Nathaniel and Alma

When we called Miguel to help us sell our house – we were in a hurry. Nathaniel had a new opportunity, he wanted to start a new career and we had to move in less than 60 days. Miguel helped us “Stage” the house beautifully, and we had a buyer in few weeks! It was a real pleasure to work with him. He was very patient, funny and professional. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Miguel! – The Munoz Family – Toronto, 647-207-5061

By: Ernesto and Rosi

We met Miguel at a party and when we knew that he was a Real Estate Agent we started to ask him more and more questions about the real estate market. He was very helpful and professional. He guided us with the whole process and we really enjoyed working with him. We could call him anytime with all our concerns and he was amazingly patient with us. Miguel helped with everything and now we have a new beautiful house….. and it is ours. Thanks Miguel for being there for us - Ernesto, Rosi, Markham- 647-267-0529

By: Graciela

I have made several attempts to try and sell my home. I met Miguel at the Salsa in St Clair Festival and he looked very professional to me, I realized he was very knowledgeable for the way he spoke to people and advised them and I thought to myself, “He is going to Sell my House”. I spoke with him about my situation and he came to my home and explained to my sons and daughter what we had to do to sell my house. We put it in the market and he SOLD THE HOUSE IN 3 DAYS! We couldn’t believe it! Thanks Miguel! – Graciela Caceres and Family – Toronto, 416-652-3751

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!